OAK – Night Gate Extended Gate Fees FAQ revised

Oakland Night Gates / Extended Gate Fee FAQ

What are the new gate hours?
Beginning Oct 15th, the new In-Gate Hours will be:
Mon-Thurs 07:00 – 02:00 (to process OUT transactions by 03:00)
Fri 07:00 – 16:30 (to process OUT transactions by 18:00)

Will there be Customer Service support for 2nd shift gates?

Yes, Customer Service can be reached during both Day and Night gates at (877) 387-2722 or:
Import issues: trapac.impoak@trapac.com
Exports issues: trapac.expoak@trapac.com
Please note, some issues can only be resolved by the Carrier which may or may not have Customer Service support during 2nd shift hours. Please check with your individual Carrier to determine availability.

What transactions will be offered during the Night Gate?

Load In, Load Out, Empty In & Empty Out for In-Gauge containers as well as Bare Chassis In & Bare Chassis Out transactions. Out-of-Gauge (OOG) Receiving or Delivery requires prior coordination for both day and night shifts.

Will there be additional fees for Night Gates?

Yes, TraPac will implement a $30 Extended Gate Fee (EGF), for the account of the Beneficial Cargo Owner (BCO), to defray the cost of the additional service. The fee will apply to LOAD IN and LOAD OUT transactions, regardless of shift, except for rail/IPI containers (both Eastbound and Westbound). Payments will be made through the eModal system (an eModal account is required). The start date of the EGF will be Oct 29, 2018.

Will appointments be necessary?

Through Friday Nov 30th, appointments will only be required on Import Loads for both day and night shifts. Appointments will be required for both day and night shifts for Load In, Load Out, Empty In transactions. Empty Out transactions will not require appointments.

What is the appointment window? Is there a grace period?

Appointments made in eModal are for (1) hour time slots (e.g. 08:00-09:00). The terminal currently allows a grace period of 1 hour before and 1 hour after the time slot (e.g. for a 08:00-09:00 appointment set in eModal, a trucker could arrive at the in-gate pedestal between 07:00 and 10:00).

What if I am too early for my appointment?

Truckers arriving before the grace period will receive a “TOO EARLY FOR APPOINTMENT” trouble ticket. The trucker can proceed to the Trouble Office and have their transaction processed once inside the appointment window.

What if I miss my appointment?

Truckers arriving after the total appointment window has ended will be given a “TOO LATE FOR APPOINTMENT” trouble ticket. An additional Extended Gate Fee will not be assessed but a new appointment will be required.

How do we set up an eModal account?

Go to www.emodal.com and follow the link labeled “Register Now”. The web site will take you through the steps to register.

What is the process to pay the Extended Gate Fee (EGF) for Export containers?
The process in summary is:
1. A BCO, or its designated agent, claims an export booking via eModal Booking Inquiry screen.  The claim process establishes the account responsible to pay the EGF.
2. A trucking company makes an appointment via eModal to drop off the export load.
3. After the export container is successfully processed at In Gate, the EGF will be assessed to the account that claimed the booking.
4. Accounts will have 10 calendar days after the Vessel Cut Off Date to pay the EGF.

Must the Booking Claim and Appointment be made by the same account?

No, the steps can be accomplished by the same or different accounts. However, from TraPac’s perspective, the claiming account has financial responsibility to pay the EGF.

Can an eModal account claim a booking or import container on behalf of another user?

No, there is not an eModal feature that allows one party to obligate another party for financial responsibility.

Can Export container appointments be made before claiming the Export Booking?
No, the Export Booking must be claimed before an appointment can be made. However, appointments for Export gate transactions will not be mandatory until Dec 3rd.

What is the process to pay the Extended Gate Fee (EGF) for Import containers?

The process is similar to paying other fees associated with picking up Import containers online (e.g. Demurrage, etc). However, if your account is authorized for the Guaranty payment method, payment of the EGF is not due until 10 days after the out-gate transaction.

What are the payment methods?

For both Imports and Exports, eModal will accept credit card & eCheck online. Additionally, for imports, a Guaranty option allows users to be invoiced for payment 10 days after out-gate transaction. Payment for the Guaranty option can be settled by credit card or eCheck.

How do I qualify for guaranty option? 

Please complete the attached document and return to customerservice@trapac.com, we will notify eModal upon your request.

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