We believe the innovations that TraPac is pioneering will ultimately set new standards for efficiency, security, safety and environmental protection throughout the global shipping industry.

Metrics We Are Proud to Share

Safety Metrics

7 Safety Awards

from leading industry associations

24/7 Security

on-site security at each of our terminal locations

Service Metrics

1st in California

to implement automated truck handling system, on-dock rail, and customs scanning

2 Days

the amount of shipping time saved by BCOs using our on-dock rail in LA

40 Minutes

the total truck turn time on average in LA

15 Minutes

how quickly cargo is available for pickup by truck after unloaded from vessel in LA

Sustainability Metrics

49% Less CHE
GHG Emissions

per TEU due to use of electric and hybrid technology

100% of Vessels

that call at TraPac use shore power or capture and control system

66% Less GHG
Vessel Emissions

per TEU for vessels at berth due to use of shore power and capture and control system