OAK- Import Not Accessible/Closed Area meaning

Drayage Community,

Please note that if your Import container is showing a ‘Terminal’ hold, similar to the image below, this Import is not accessible to be delivered to an over-the-road truck. This is also referred to as ‘Import Not Accessible’ or ‘Closed Area’. The majority of the time, this means your container is not in an area that has the proper equipment to deliver your container to a trucker.

At the current time, there is an influx of import containers in these closed areas of the yard. TraPac is dedicated to deploying necessary resources to make these containers accessible as quickly as possible, however, we do not have a schedule on when a specific import will be shifted. Again, we do not have a time frame on when these will be shifted, and we attempt to prioritize the oldest first. Please continue to monitor our website for changes and removal of the terminal hold, as this will indicate the container has been shifted. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Once shifted, free-time recommendations will be sent to your Ocean Carrier as they retain ultimate responsibility for collecting demurrage. This process generally takes a few hours the morning after the container was shifted, so please be patient prior to reaching out to Customer Service. If you see this hold has been removed, please wait several hours before contacting us. You can still book an appointment without an LFD update in eModal.

Please contact us if you have any questions, and appreciate your patience.

Thanks, TraPac Management