Demurrage & LFD Display

Drayage Community,

Due to recent changes as a result of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA), TraPac will no longer display the Last Free Day (LFD) or Demurrage due on the corporate website. Demurrage payments will also no longer be accessible through for all Ocean Carriers. While most of this functionality remains on, depending on the Ocean Carrier, please contact your Ocean Carrier on best practices for capturing LFD and paying demurrage.

Please note that the Ocean Carrier retains the final responsibility for determining the amount of demurrage to be collected as they have the ability to extend the number of free days, waive demurrage days, or direct that cargo be released without collecting funds as they see fit.  If the extension of free time does not reflect on eModal or the Ocean Carrier website, depending on the Ocean Carrier, please contact the Ocean Carrier directly.

Thanks, TraPac Management