TraPac Corporate API Announcement

Effective June 1st, 2024, TraPac will introduce a tiered pricing structure for its API service based on the number of API requests. Current customers should have received an email announcement regarding this change. Below are some common questions and answers about our API:


    1. How do I signup for API access if I am not an existing API customer?
      You may request API access using the ‘Contact Us‘ form on our website, selecting ‘Request API Access’ as the topic.

    2. Why is TraPac charging for use of the API?
      To meet the increasing computing power demands for our API, we need to implement this pricing structure change to ensure ongoing service quality.

    3. Does the fee for usage apply to existing customers who had previously signed an API agreement that is still active?
      Yes, all existing API customers will need to agree to the new API agreement to continue using the service. The new agreement has been provided to existing customers. Please contact if you have not received it.

    4. How can we manage/view our usage?
      On the 1st of each month, TraPac will generate a billing invoice that includes both the usage count and billing amount. We encourage all API users to track their usage and plan accordingly.

    5. Will we be notified if we are approaching a new tier?
      Currently, it is the user’s responsibility to track their usage. However, we are working on providing an endpoint for real-time usage statistics and will update our API customers when this feature becomes available.

    6. Which payment methods are acceptable?
      We accept major credit cards through PayPal’s payment service on our website. Your credit card information is never stored in TraPac’s system.

    7. Who is my direct contact for questions/concerns with API?
      For any questions, please contact us at

    8. What is the new pricing structure for API usage?
      Tier DescriptionNumber of Successful API Request
      (Per Calendar Month)
      Monthly Fee
      Tier 1: Community Level1 to 999Free
      Tier 2: Growth Level1,000 to 49,999$1,000
      Tier 3: Professional Level1,000 to 499,999$3,000
      Tier 4: Enterprise Level500,000 to 1,999,999$5,000
      Tier 5: Custom Level2,000,000 or moreContact Us for Special Quote