LAX On Nov 19,2018 the PierPass OffPeak Program Will Change

On Nov 19, the PierPass OffPeak Program Will Change

The current congestion-pricing model, with a Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF) charged on daytime moves, will be replaced with an appointment-based system that uses a single flat fee on both daytime and nighttime container moves.

Appointments Required for All Import Container Pickups

Beginning Nov. 19, all marine container terminals at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will require appointments.

Appointments are to be made through the terminal systems, not through PierPass. Terminal appointment system information is at

Flat TMF Across All Hours

The TMF previously charged only on Peak (weekday daytime) cargo moves will be replaced by a reduced fee that is constant across all hours and days of operation.

TMF Reduced

Beginning Nov 19, the TMF will be $31.52 per TEU (twenty-foot container).

The TMF for all other size containers will be $63.04.

No Change in Type of Containers Subject to TMF

There is no change in the types of cargo will pay the TMF. The following moves will remain exempt from the TMF:

  • Empty containers
  • Rail intermodal containers
  • Transshipped containers (cargo that arrives at the Port of Los Angeles or Long Beach on one vessel and leaves on a second vessel without entering U.S. commerce)
  • Domestic cargo
  • Bare chassis

At all terminals, the last appointment times of the day will be 3:30 p.m. on the first shift and 1:30 a.m. on the second shift.

How to Register with PierPass

Cargo owners moving containers into and out of the ports by truck gate and who aren’t already registered with PierPass can do so at

For More Information

A Q&A about the revised OffPeak program is available at

Contact information for individual terminals is available at