OAK – Mandatory Roadability Requirement

It is very important that all drivers are informed of the new mandatory roadability requirements.  Effective May 23rd 2015, all chassis with exception to “own” (see note below), must be inspected by the terminals’ mechanics prior to exiting the facility. 
After the inspection has been completed, drivers will be issued a ticket and can then proceed to the outgate.  All inspection tickets are collected at the outgate guardhouse.  It is important to note that those drivers who do not have a ticket will be turned back into the yard and directed to the roadability inspection area.

Regarding “own” chassis’ please note the following:
Chassis owned by an independent truck driver (owner/operator) or owned by an independent trucking company are not subject to mandatory roadability inspections.  In order to facilitate the exit of the own chassis the trucker must be prepared to utilize the following method.

            1.         The Chassis should be clearly marked so that a visual confirmation can be made to
                        ensure that the chassis is owned by an individual trucker or trucking company     
                    If chassis is not clearly marked to allow for visual confirmation then;    
            2.         Documented proof of chassis ownership can be shown; if it cannot be ascertained
                        through visual confirmation that the chassis is independently owned and operated by a  trucking company
                        or individual, then the trucker or trucking company can show                              
                         documentation proving said ownership of equipment. 

Without the ability to visually confirm independent ownership or documented proof of independent ownership,
the chassis may be subject to a roadability inspection.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.