LAX Appointment and Grace Period – As a Reminder

Please be advised that TraPac security staff that checks outside driver’s TWIC and driver’s credentials are now asking for truckers appointment times. We have witnessed a large amount of truckers entering the terminal long before their appointment slot and park their vehicle off to the side.

We have noticed that the drivers will either pull off before reaching the In-gate or park at the trouble window, taking up valuable parking spots for drivers that actually have trouble transactions. This is greatly affect our overall turn time with the Harbor Transportation Association and is creating unnecessary congestion in the terminal.

TraPac’s new policy for drivers that arrive earlier than their 30 minute grace window on scheduled appointment will be asked to turn around and wait south of North Access road. Drivers that have trouble transactions will also be asked to exit the terminal and wait south of North Access road until the trouble has been resolved. With TraPac management and the security team enforcing this new policy we should see less congestion in the terminal and quicker turn times for all drivers. Please inform all drivers of these new policies put in place to avoid any delays at the terminal.