OAK – TOS Pre Go-Live Announcement

TraPac Oakland Stakeholders,

In our efforts to continually improve at TraPac Oakland, we are pleased to announce that on January 7th, 2022, we will begin to deploy a new Terminal Operating System.

The N4 TOS is deployed at hundreds of terminals around the world and has proven to be reliable and capable. When new technology providers in the Marine Terminal Operations sector emerge, they look to integrate with Navis first. Navis is headquartered in Oakland, making the choice of who to partner with even clearer.

Upgrading any mission-critical system is a challenge. We expect there will be a period of diminished efficiency as users become accustomed to the new system. This may last several days but we are taking action to decrease the impact on our customers. Given the predominant adoption of the Navis N4 TOS around the globe, there is an ecosystem of organizations supporting and extending its capabilities, many of which will be supporting TraPac through the roll-out and beyond. Numerous external consultants, software engineers, and technology managers, all with experience supporting Navis products at other terminals, will travel to TraPac Oakland to support the transition.

The deployment schedule is as follows. Please note that this is subject to change:

  • Friday, Jan 7th – New TOS deployment commences with cut-over/data migration from legacy TOS. Terminal will be closed. No Gate or Vessel Operations will be conducted on 1st or 2nd shift
  • Saturday, Jan 8th – Continue cut-over/data migration. No Gate or Vessel Operations
  • Sunday, Jan 9th – Limited vessel operations if vessel schedule aligns.
  • Monday, Jan 10th – Jan 14th Resume normal gate hours but with reduced appointments. No 2nd Shift Gate. Normal Vessel operations.
  • Monday, Jan 17th – Resume normal gate appointment schedule

You can find our N4 FAQ here: N4 FAQ

Webinar presentation (eModal Quick Reference & Summary of changes): N4-eModal Webinar

Thank you in advance for your patience during this roll-out period.