TraPac OAK – New TOS Resources

Dear Trucking Community,

During today’s morning gate, we have noticed many truckers arriving at the terminal without a Gate Code.  Please be advised that the new Terminal Operating System requires a GATE CODE for every transaction.  This is a new requirement and was communicated in the previous month’s training meetings and roll-out updates.  Attached is a quick FAQ guideline (Translated in English and Spanish) for truckers with the changes outlined in an effort to eliminate dry runs during the transition process.

  • Gate Code is required for every Truck Visit involving a container drop-off or pick-up. A Gate Code is 4-5 digits.  For example 54321
  • To get a Gate Code, a Truck Visit Appointment must be made through eModal.

Please reach out to management should you have any questions.


N4-eModal Webinar

Trucker Hand-Outs


Thanks, TraPac Management